i just got back from dropping moe off at the airport so that she can go to florida for 2 weeks. she took the ipod with her, so i have to load any music i have onto my computer (because hers is the computer that has the itunes library on it, i haven’t gotten around to installing rockbox yet), and currently i don’t have any music loaded. i don’t have any rehearsals for anything, because the BSSB and the banda gozona are on winter hiatus and we haven’t started rehearsals for the fremont philharmonic because stuart isn’t back from bogota yet. and very good friends of mine are acting like second-graders, tattling about each other behind the others’ backs and expecting me to make sense of it.

bleah! 8P

2 thoughts on “depression”

  1. i think we could probably work something out. presumably stuart will be back from bogata by then and we may actually be having rehearsals that you could visit if you want to…

  2. I deal with people acting like second graders all the time. Sadly, I’m going to be on a boat with them in two weeks.

    Oh, I’m not sure if you heard from SA or not, but I’m heading out to visit him Feb 15-25 and would love to meet you, if you want. You’d have to probably arrange things through SA to work around his work schedule. Just wanted to throw that out there.

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