so i got a compound bow from freecycle. i know nothing about bows, so i looked on internet (what else) and discovered that what i recieved for free from some unknown person in tacoma is actually a 2006 Ben Pearson Spoiler Plus compound bow which retailed for $380 and currently sells on ebay for between $150 and $200… and i got it for free…


3 thoughts on “wow!”

  1. I have a recurve bow. They are better than rifles for target practise as they require a calmer mindset. I use it to teach my kids methodology and patience too. Counters their videogaming twitching.

    Besides, living in York (England) every good citizen needs a bow as that quirky law is still in place : after dusk if you catch an armed scotsman within our city walls you are allowed to shoot him/her with a bow. snigger.

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