yesterday was REALLY hot, and, like an idiot, i left my computer running all day in a room with no air conditioning. then, in the evening, i went in to check my email and the computer had frozen in the middle of a starscape screen saver, so i rebooted, and the message that came up was: Primary HD S.M.A.R.T. status BAD: back up and replace.

wonderful… 8/

today is supposed to be even hotter (the weather report says it could get as high as 100°) and now i have two dead computers, neither of which i have the money to fix or replace, right before burning man!!!

i’m using moe’s computer to post this, and because of the fact that i’m going to burning man, i’m likely to be rather busy for the next couple of weeks, so if i’m absent from internet for a while, you’ll know where i am.