i am an evil person, and i like it that way!

so i called the manager at the verizon wireless store in the supermall. i decided not to go down there in person, because i didn’t know whether or not i could hold it together, and i pictured myself potentially being hauled out of the supermall in handcuffs by burley cops, pretty much regardless of whether or not i was able to hold it together. so i decided to call, because the possibility of it ending disastrously was considerably diminished.

at first, the manager back-peddled and made excuses and tried to cover his own ass, but i hit him with logic – this didn’t come down to a discussion of which he was not a part, it came down to a simple matter: why was i able to get the price online, have the same price confirmed over the phone, and then, when i came down to the same store which confirmed the price over the phone for me, was i not only not able to get the same price in person, but was treated in a very condescending way for even asking, especially when i proceeded to go home and order it online for the price originally quoted?

he eventually apologised, but only after i had backed him into a corner, logically. i gave him a description of the sales person who had “helped” me, and he said “starting tomorrow, it would no longer be a problem”.

either he was stringing me along in order to get me off the phone, or i probably cost jayson (or whatever his name was) his job, which is nothing to sneeze at in this economy. if it could have been done any other way, i probably would have considered it, but it’s too late at this point. besides which, he probably shouldn’t be doing customer service if he can’t talk to people with respect.