here we go…

moe left for florida today. she’ll be back in two weeks. whee… 8/

meanwhile, i think i’ve got enough to keep me busy: i’ve got to build a web site and populate a database. i’ve been going back and forth with liz since drizzle FUMTUed hybrid elephant, and there is a bit of worry about whether or not the drizzle affliction has effected liz also mentioned that she’d like to get the kosher red-hots web site on my host as well. i’m not sure how much, if any web design work will go into that one, but as far as i’m concerned, the less i have to do the better. i’m also thinking about installing AWStats on hybridelephant, because as awesome as my new host is, they don’t have the stats the way i’d like them to be, and AWStats does it for me.

then i’ve got more recording sessions with snake suspenderz. the most recent one generated 3 new tracks, as did the previous three as well, and if everything goes according to the non-existent plan we have set up, the one on tuesday will generate at least 3, and possibly 4 more. then there’s also the fremont philharmonic, which is starting rehearsals for a yet-to-be-determined if we do it CD, plus we’ve got an offer to perform cinderella again at the end of march, and we’ve got the moisture festival coming up, which we have to start rehearsing for pretty soon… like next week…

oh, yeah… i’m also responsible for three doggies who haven’t realised that moe won’t be home tonight like usual. hopefully they won’t turn into the obnoxious pests that they have a tendency to be sometimes. i’m planning on going to the fremont sunday market next week if the weather looks good, and i’m taking the dogs with me so that they don’t have to stay home alone for 12 to 14 hours. because moe’s not here, i’m planning on taking her car, which is a minivan and much more suited to carrying a huge crapload of stuff, and 3 dogs in relative comfort.

now, all i gotta do is convince myself that two weeks will go by a lot quicker than it seems like now. i hope moe has fun, and i’m glad that she’s going to this conference, because it’s good exposure for her, and she’ll build professional credibility by being seen there (if nothing else), but i can’t wait until she gets home.

3 thoughts on “here we go…”

  1. Thanks a bunch. I’ll do that and see if we can get something going. I, too, would like us to record a CD for sale – I’d buy one myself so I had a copy of the great songs the Fremont Phil plays.

  2. the fremont phil is in that up-in-the-air state that happens between the end of the panto run and before we get down to rehearsing for the moisture festival.

    as far as i’m concerned, the fremont philharmonic could use an extra trombone or two, along with another trumpet and a couple or three more saxophones, but then again i personally think that the fremont philharmonic should record a CD for sale as well, and so far nothing is happening with that, either… 8/

    write to stuart, he would know more about whether or not we’ll be needing extra people.

  3. How is everything with the Fremont Phil? I don’t hear anything anymore about anything, and so I’ve been wondering what’s going on.

    And also whether you want to expand the band again for the Moisture Festival. If so, I’m ready to try and negotiate out rehearsal times and such. If you’ll have me.

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