one of those things that people call “memes” but really aren’t memes at all

comment to this post and i will give you 5 subjects/things i associate you with. then post this in your blog and elaborate on the subjects given.

h/t to xydexx

1) Tina Chopp
wow… this is something that goes back to 1980, when i was in college. i met these guys, we smoked an awful lot lot of pot, took more LSD than all the other people i know combined, and, when that didn’t provide enough excitement to suit us, we created a religion. sadly, one of the guys committed suicide in 1995, and the other one joined the military and when he got out he wasn’t the same (although he’s still a friend of mine). however the religion lives on, thanks to the persistence of internet.

2) snake fondling
my college roommate and i had a pet snake, a rosy boa constrictor named Ebeneezer Squeezer, which we were taking care of for another guy who lived in an environment that wasn’t conducive for snake husbandry (his place didn’t have any heat, and we lived in a headted dormitory). we ended up spending a lot of time, with the assistance of various trendy chemical amusement aids, studying the snake, and this became a central part of our religion.

3) vegetable sacrifice
as i said, we smoked an awful lot of pot. we couldn’t say that smoking pot was a sacrament in our religion, for obvious reasons, so we called it vegetable sacrifice and developed an elaborate ritual around it, most of which didn’t have any illegal bits to it at all. it is still performed from time to time: the last one was held at burning man, last year. it’s really not that difficult to understand, if you think about it.

4) zines
one of the first outreaches that our religion held was the publication of various ‘zines, which were distributed quite widely via such pre-internet phenomena as Factsheet 5 to people i never learned that much about. xydexx was one of those people, who i have gotten to know by way of internet since then. The Church of Tina Chopp published several zines, including The Chopptower and A Snake!, based on distorted articles that we found in jehovah’s witness pamphlets, which were eventually collected together and published as The Books of Tina Chopp, The Visitors, Tina Shoes and various others (which were based on chick tracts), and Tina Magazine, which was bizarre art, recipes, and rants directly from us.

if i recall correctly, xydexx won a bizarre sex contest that Tina Magazine held in one of the later isses. for more details, i think it would be best if you asked him… πŸ˜‰

5) magic mushrooms
um… yeah. one of my favourite drugs but i haven’t gone out to find any in a long time… πŸ™