i actually was IP blocked from cshelpdesk dot net!

in spite of the fact that [email protected] (who is undoubtedly nathan oulman, or one of his minions) said “we dont block anyone from anything” (his exact words), according to tech support goon “Zac O.”, “Your IP was blocked by the servers firewall. This has been unblocked and you can now access the server again.” apparently their server is set to block the IP address of a customer attempting to log in “incorrectly” (whatever that means, nobody has told me yet). it’s very definitely not an using an incorrect username or password, because i allow the browser to remember all of that stuff because i know how clumsy my fingers are, but nobody has seen fit to tell me what it is, other than “incorrect login attempts”.

not only that, but i’ve had to reprimand the tech support goon no less than three times this morning, for closing my issue without answering my question. the little weasel is not going to get out of this without giving me some answers. 8/

at this point, it’s not anywhere near as bad as it was yesterday, but still, i’m thinking very strongly about switching host providers again when my contract expires.

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  1. I’m having the same problems with Zac O and whatever company he works for. I have had the worst service possible from or (I don’t even know who’s hosting me now) and I am about to start a class action suit against them if something is not sorted soon.

    I have requested a refund – which they will probably ignore – and take legal action on behalf of myself and my customers (who have lost thousands in sales) should they not refund my money in full.

    My hosting has been down for over 50% of the time in the last week and all I get is excuses if I get any reply at all from these fraudsters.

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