From the Pulpit: Time for a Christian Revolutionary War – and i thought i was a terrorist… 😐

From the Pulpit: Time for a Christian Revolutionary War
By Patrick Vandenburgh
Jul 01, 2009

Freeport, Ill. – In a couple of days our nation will celebrate its 233rd year of independence.

The American colonists had exhausted all of their efforts to remain united with England. Their only option left was to declare freedom from the oppression of the mother country. Thus began the official Revolutionary War. On July 4, 1776, 55 men penned their name in ink onto the Declaration of Independence, and committed their life, liberty and possessions to see a new nation birthed with religious freedom.

It is time for a new Christian revolutionary war. It is time for Christians all over the United States to stand up for our Judeo-Christian heritage. Our nation has slowly turned its back on God. We have forsaken our call as a nation, which is to be a light to all other nations. We have allowed a few in the secular minority to rob our freedoms, which came by the blood of many brave men and women throughout history.

Recently, on a trip to the Middle East, President Barak Obama stated we are no longer a Christian nation, but rather a nation of citizens. I respectfully disagree with our new president. We are and will always be a Christian nation that serves Jesus Christ and His kingdom. Our president may speak authoritatively for the executive branch of our government, and may have been politically motivated in his statements. However, he did not speak authoritatively for God or for the millions of born-again Christians still residing in this great country.

The true church of Jesus Christ must arise in this desperate hour and storm heaven with our prayers. We must not relent until our Christian heritage is established again in every aspect of society. Jesus declared in John 8:36, “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” Jesus Christ paid the ultimate price for our spiritual freedom. He died and rose again in order that all who come to Him could live a life free from spiritual oppression.

The United States of America is still the greatest country in the world. However, our nation is in a battle of major proportions for its soul. We cannot allow the secular humanists, the religious liberals or the immoral of society speak on behalf of our nation. It is time that the church of Jesus Christ find its revolutionary voice, and proclaim to everyone who will listen, that this nation is and will always be “one nation under God.”

Patrick Vandenburgh is pastor of The Father’s House Church in Lena. He can be reached at (815) 990-0367 or e-mail him at [email protected].