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i’m slowly making progress scanning my sketchbooks, although i’ve slowed down considerably and still only have 16 of the 24 sketchbooks scanned, but i figured i’d offer a little sneak preview of some of the reasons why i wanted to have this stuff available on the web, rather than secreted away in a sketchbook that even i can’t access immediately. this is a tract from 1988, and contrary to what moe suggested, this was several years after i took more acid than everybody else that i know, combined… although it does seem to have had a certain effect on the outcome of my artwork.
tractfrom this point i’m a little bit less sure of the dates and the numbering of the books falls apart. i’m pretty sure that the last date in book 16 is 880601, but the next date i can find is 890512, which is almost a year later… which means one of a number of options, including that there are at least two sketchbooks that are “unaccounted for”. i recall photocopying a whole ream of stuff several years ago (before scanners became commercially available) and being frustrated because i couldn’t photocopy the coloured drawings in colour (i did actually photocopy some of the coloured drawings in greyscale, which was the exact opposite of what i wanted and only made me more frustrated), and the missing books could have been lost during that time, but i can’t be entirely sure.

of course, another possibility is that i simply couldn’t afford a new sketchbook for that year. i was astonishingly poor during that period, and it’s a distinct possibility, but again, i can’t be entirely sure.

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  1. i started making tracts to leave in abandoned houses in bellingham where there were a whole bunch of teenaged doodlehums who obviously had absolutely no clue about the “satanic” grafitti that they were leaving around. i was close enough to the teenagers in age at the time that i had a pretty good idea of why they were leaving grafitti, and the fact that they wouldn’t listen to an “adult” talking about how they should “get right with ‘gawd'”. i was fresh from seminary with all these grand ideas about how i was going to rescue the world from “christianity”, and tracts like these were one of my first attempts… i have another sneak preview which isn’t quite so full of revolutionary righteousness… 8)

  2. Wow. I have to admit, that’s something I probably would have kept with me had I gotten it. Just because someone who took the time to render in other scripts and to pull together other scriptures so as to make the point. Everyone else was just trying to convince me I was going to Hell and needed redemption through their jeezis.

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