Windoesn’t 7

so there’s a new commercial on TV, just in time for xmas, advertising the new HP laptop/netbook/desktop combination with Windows 7, which is “networked together by GeekSquad™”…

i have three computers, two laptops and a desktop, and all three of them are networked together, and we didn’t have anything like geek squad. in fact, they didn’t require any networking at all, we just started them up and they worked; two different operating systems – Mac and Kubuntu – the way that computers are supposed to work.

it’s my considered impression is that the only reason you would need GeekSquad™ is if you use Windoesn’t, and if you use Windoesn’t, ultimately, no GeekSquad™ in the world will be able to help you.

2 thoughts on “Windoesn’t 7”

  1. it’s a lot more equal on this end of the country. i frequently see both mac and pc laptops in coffee shops and that sort of thing. it may just be a regional dispute…

    and if it’s an argument you’ll lose, try mentioning that your mac doesn’t need geeksquad to network it to anybody else… 8)

  2. You mean Windows is still a piece of shit? Their latest ads make it sound like they got it right.

    I also notice that most people like Windows now and don’t like Macs. I don’t even let on that I use a Mac, because it’s an argument I’ll lose.

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