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Ugandan president committed to blocking anti-gay bill – while i am glad that somebody in ugandan politics has the balls to stand up to the crowd, i still think it would be better for gays in the long run if uganda passed this horrendous bill, because it would do two things: first, it would give everybody, even the “christians” who support it, a very clear idea of what killing gays really means, and second, it would give everyone, especially the “christians” who support it, a very clear idea of exactly how un-Christian are the “christians” who support the idea of killing gays in the first place.

Web 2.0 Suicide Machine – in spite of spreznib’s objection to JavaScript, i’m posting this anyway, for several reasons. among them are the fact that, despite the fact that “Web 2.0” has been available for a couple of years now, i really don’t see that much difference between the web now, and the web 10 years ago, except for the fact that it’s more crowded with people who either don’t know how to use it to begin with, or who are spammers. both of these are more than good enough reasons to have your “Web 2.0” personality commit suicide.

Sumerians Look On In Confusion As God Creates World

Activist Judge Cancels Christmas


mitnick security business cardnow that the second weekend of performances are over, i can catch up on my real life…

while the servers were down, i got a business card in the mail from Mitnick Security Consulting, LLC… yes, that kevin mitnick. in order to get this business card i had to send him, among other things, my IP address and the password to my system. i think it was a pretty good trade, myself.

the performances went really well this week. the only frisson that we had was when stuart wasn’t going to be there for the evening show and he took off taking pam’s music with him, thinking it was his. after a few frantic phone calls and pam playing half of the preshow with charts borrowed from other people, stuart showed up and traded books with pam, and everything worked out grand.

fez-o-ramai’m a little worried, though… now that clayton is playing with us, there’s more of a probability that eben will be able to copy music that jeremy wrote for the phil… music that he has currently said he doesn’t want the phil to play because he’s going through a publishing/copyright thing and doesn’t want to have extra copies of his music in places of which he is not aware.

after the show yesterday, i met up with hobbit, who is number 8 in the order of the fez. he and i (number 32) got together with jason (number 13) who owns Fez-O-Rama and his wife maya, and we spread some fezzerocity through downtown seattle last night… which basically involved meeting at the carousel in westlake mall, getting lost walking up to Von’s (a whiskey bar on 6th and pine) and talking about fezzes, internet, theatre and other stuff until 9:00 or so. i’m sorry to say that i had to borrow a fez from hobbit, because i hadn’t brought mine. also i need to get an “order of the fez” fez some day…

i’ve made some progress on finding a new host provider, but i’m still really mad about the fact that the current one wants to charge me almost 300% more, so i’m going to wait until i’ve calmed down a bit. i’ve found that, since my injury, if i rant about what i’m angry about when i’m angry i end up sounding like a drooling half-wit. besides, i’ve got an appointment with ned that i’ve got to go to now.