thanks, mom… 8/

thanks, mom... 8/apparently i am genetically predisposed to arthritis in my hands, thanks to my maternal grandmother. the pain that i have been having in the base of my left thumb for the past month or so, apparently, is not going to go away. i have to get a splint to hold my thumb in place when it gets too painful, and the doctor told me to take ibuprophen… getting old sucks! now i’m beginning to understand what my grandmothers – on both sides of my family – were going through. hopefully robotic replacements will be developed before my hands completely fail… 8/

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  1. strangely enough, i have been (a very adamant and fanatical) vegetarian, and vegan in the past, and my reasons for “converting” are many and varied. what it comes down to, though, is that i actually like the taste of some meats, like lamb and bacon… i haven’t seen a chiropractor since i lived in bellingham, years ago. there was a guy who was a chela of the same guru i follow, who was amazingly perceptive, and i haven’t found anybody that’s even close to him since i moved away.

    and you may not need fingers to play trombone, but you do to play tuba… and the trombone rests on the base of my left thumb, right where it is painful… maybe my trombone is trying to send me a message…

  2. This is why—even though you may never be able to cure your arthritis—you can keep it at bay by avoiding meat. I know a couple of posts ago you were gushing about how good home-raised and -killed lamb is, but which is better, eating the corpse of a creature that wanted to live, or being able to move your hands?

    There are many forms of arthritis, and it’s been shown in many cases that avoiding animal proteins can help provide relief for it. Both my mother and her mother have severe osteoporosis—my grandmother has arthritis as well—but as far as I know there is no genetic predisposition for it. I do know that both of them were farm girls, and ate whatever was available. (Although both are lactose intolerant, both have eaten dairy products all their lives. When my mother was growing up in the Depression, they had a cow named Maggie that my grandmother milked by hand.)

    I quit meat and dairy eight years ago, and no longer have pain in my hands—which I used to get in the mornings’ thanks for reminding me. I see a chiropractor regularly, but almost never take any kind of painkillers.

    I prefer to err on the side of caution, is all; I have no idea if I would be healthy if I had continued eating animals and their secretions, but I feel much better and my digestion is much better than when I was eating meat.

    Other than that, all I can say is at least you don’t need your fingers to play trombone.

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