return from OCF

i have returned, but i’ve got a lot of stuff to catch up on: unpacking, dealing with 450 email messages (most of which are spam or freecycle offers that are from last week), laundry, i’ve got to find out about the wanna-be art-car, i’ve got about 200 pictures to sort out, and i’ve got to get started on fixing the holes in the floor (which i said i would do a couple of months ago).

ocf was definitely fun: i got my picture in the peach pit, BBWP stole the fire show friday night, we played at the ritz saturday night, and i actually got to take six saunas over the course of the four days that it was open, and i only had to pay for four of them, but being gone for a week sort of screwed things up and now i’ve got to take care of straightening them out, because apparently nobody else is gonna do it…

oh, and i’m fifty now… happy birthday to me, or something like that. 😐

One thought on “return from OCF”

  1. wow, you had a very big, busy week!

    and yeah, Happy Birthday to You. something exactly like that. πŸ˜€

    great way to spend your 50th birthday, inside of so much creative activity.

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