we had a banda gozona performance yesterday on beacon hill, not far away from where moe and i used to live. it was really frustrating, because there weren’t enough musicians to cover the important parts, which meant that they were covered alternately by the ben the clarinet player who doesn’t know how to stop playing when it’s someone else’s turn, and marc the trombone player, who thinks that any time is a good time to stick in an unplanned, unannounced trombone solo, and resolutely plays whatever he wants regardless of what the part actually says. this was further complicated by gil, the spanish-only speaking sousaphone player who wasn’t playing from music at all, and continued honking well after everyone else had decided that maybe we should give up and start over. sometimes i wonder why i continue with this group… 8/

i’ve been really tired for the past few days, so much so that i actually took about a 4 hour nap yesterday, after the performance, and still was tired enough that i slept until about 10:00 this morning. i’ve had a lot of house-maintenance stuff that i’ve had to do ever since getting back from OCF that i haven’t even started on because i’ve been so exhausted.

according to moe, who is studying these sorts of things recently, i have all the necessary characteristics to be psychotic. whee. 8/

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  1. yeah, i know who tuli kupferberg is, but i didn’t know he was dead… i heard he suffered a stroke last year, but…

    as i’ve said before, all of the cool people of my generation are dying off. i wonder what we’ll be left with in 20 years or so… 😐

    if you’ve got a yahoo email address then you’ve got a flickr account by default. if not, all you have to do is sign up for a yahoo email account and you can post photos on flickr. it’s a bit more complicated to post flickr photos somewhere else, and i usually have to do some tweaking of the html code they give me in order to make them come out exactly the way i want them to, but for a free service, it does okay. 8)

    banned from facebook? i’d be interested in hearing that story… 8)

  2. I went to Tuli Kupferberg’s funeral yesterday; all day today, I’ve been mentioning it to people who said to me, “Who?” I figure at least you’ll know who I mean.

    My roommate used to work with Tuli’s wife Sylvia at the Village Voice until he retired several years ago, so we both went. Although it was held in St. Mark’s church, it was a completely non-religious service, which I’m sure was appreciated by many of the congregation there.

    You might think this is a totally off-the-wall response to what you just posted, but it’s pertinent simply because you might be interested to hear this. I also am trying to figure out how to post photos on flickr because it looks like I may be permanently banned from Facebook.

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