this is hillarious…

so apparently the moisture festival does have enough money to do a reprint of the program this year.

this year they had the programs printed by zebra printing.

i know the guys who own zebra printing. they are devout muslims – i remember, when i first started working with them, in bellingham, 20 years ago, one of them told me that i would make a good muslim.

little did he know… 😉

but RB was unaware of that fact. apparently they took offense at the “scantily clad women” on the front cover of the program, and refused to do a reprint.

they probably took offense at the “scantily clad women” the first time they printed it, but then there was no advance warning, and if they said they would print it, and then decided not to after they saw the content, they would be in breach of contract. the reprint, however, is another matter entirely: they saw it once, took offense, and refused to have any further dealings with it. it doesn’t make sense to me, but it’s a logical step that they probably made, and totally understandable from their point of view…

when i was informed of this fact (by tim), he said that he thought i had been the one who introduced them to zebra printing. i told him that i would never have pointed them towards zebra printing, because i know that the owners would take offense at the “scantily clad women”…

tee hee… 👿

so i recommended the printer i chose at random out of the phone book – the only criterion was that they had to be close to fremont, and the printer i chose is just south of the seattle center – who i chose at the last minute when RB had neglected to pay attention to my deadline and finally delivered the finished program to me two-and-a-half weeks late.

WHILE I WAS STANDING THERE tim got on his cell phone and conveyed my recommendation to the person responsible for delivering the reprint to the printer…

hee hee… 👿

i’m not sure what’s going to happen this year, but i think i just increased the probability that i will be doing the programs next year by about 80%.

what have i gotten myself in for?