moisture festival wrap up

the moisture festival is over – for me – and sunday is the last day of performances. i’m going to the “cast party” on sunday night, but judging by my general dislike of parties in general (too noisy; too many people in “cliques”; a lot of people who i probably should know, but only see once a year, and can’t remember their names; not enough that interests me, etc., etc.) i’ll probably not be staying particularly late. the band sounded really good, although we still haven’t decided on a line-up. last night teacher ted played trumpet, after having not been a member of the band for two or three years. apparently stuart, who just quit the band comparitively recently, has decided that he wants to play guitar with us again. i don’t think he’ll be stepping back into the “band leader” role again, but you apparently never can tell. we’ve gotten prospective additions in the trumpet, clarinet and flute departments, and an auxilliary ukulele player who also appears to be interested in joining the band. apparently a bunch of these people are co-workers of kiki. there would be more pictures, but apparently the flash wasn’t working on my camera, so they all came out really blurry and without enough light.