oh, by the way…

today is janmaastami, the birthday of sri krishna… sort of like hindu christmas, but without the sleigh and the reindeer…

One must take care in choosing and following a ‘guru’. With many modern day gurus, you have to be very careful, for they try to become God, which they are not, not any more than you are. Media’s power helps anyone project an image, PR companies are ready to help throw an image of whatever you want to be. In US, we have seen great images projected during election, of godmen, consumer products etc. anything can be mad grand.

So watch out.

When the devotee is same as even kRiShNa, then how is a guru any superior? This is not disrespect to guru, but realization of your own true nature. A guru that doesn’t help you with that, or if you don’t do it yourselves – then the whole exercise is a farce.

A true guru never wants, attention or even your identity, or money. Yes, you may give a token of appreciation for guru’s daily needs, but that is nominal, not millions of dollars! No guru needs that much! Those are entrepreneurs, businessmen who need that much of money, running mega-business or schools, hospitals, social work and amassing tons of moolah on the way. A true guru only wants to help you be able to walk in the right direction with good stamina. He is not going to be with you forever, giving you a piggy back ride to heaven.
     — Practical Sanskrit

श्री कृष्ण जन्माष्टमी की हार्दिक शुभ कामनाये – happy janmaastami, people. 8)