i’m famous?

a few weeks ago, there was a 35mm camera posted on freecycle, to which i responded. i didn’t hear anything for a couple of weeks, and i didn’t see the corresponding “taken” notice, so i responded again, and still didn’t hear anything, so i gave up on it and went on to other endeavours.

today, i got email from an anonymous, unknown person. the email address was “false <pigslock@_____.com>” (i have deleted xes mail carrier) – although the return path was to “tfts35@_____.com” – informing me that the 35mm camera was still available, if i wanted it, although it came along with a couple of pre-conditions:

if you are the Seattle musician who sells incense, you will have to allow me to take your photo and buy a pack of your Tibetan incense.

things that make me go hmmmmm…

this has me wondering… in the past, i would think that this person is likely a cop, or some form of “law enforcement professional” who is looking for a way to get me to voluntarily connect my physical appearence with one or more email addresses, as a part of some unknowable investigation… it may well be exactly that, even now, although the probability is somewhat less than it would have been in the past.

however, i also have to keep in mind that i am not completely unknown in this community, and xe has pretty much nailed several defining characteristics of me, which are known by people who know who i am: seattle, musician, and incense… so xe could be one of those people who has stopped and talked to me at the fremont sunday market, or any of a number of different art car shows where i’ve sold incense… it could also be someone who has seen snake suspenderz, or, possibly, the fremont phil… and there have been literally tens of thousands of those kind of folks.

one way or the other, i imagine that this is what really famous people have to deal with all the time. which makes me think that it’s probably a good thing that i’m not that famous, because i’m too paranoid for that kind of shit. 👿