on the right, my, nominally, Elkhorn three-valve, E-flat tuba, which i have been playing regularly (as in, ‘almost daily’) for 12 years.

on the left, the new-to-me Conn four-valve, C tuba which is my payment for the ugly sousaphone project.

i also got a vincent bach mouthpiece, a hard case, and a soft case. the fact that it is a C tuba is a little bit of a frustration for me, because i thought it was going to be a B-flat tuba, for which i know the “concert-pitch” fingerings… it’s also going to be really confusing being a transposing instrument that is not in E-flat, unless i either get transposed music or… learn the C tuba fingerings…

the thing is, it wouldn’t be SO frustrating for me if it weren’t for the fact that i both knew the C tuba fingerings, and could transpose, on-the-fly, in my headPRIOR to my brain injury. πŸ˜› that’s one of those bits of information which i am convinced still lives in my brain somewhere, and i just haven’t figured out how to connect to it again. 😐

but i got a real tuba! i’m a real tuba player now! πŸ˜€

One thought on “TUBA!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. has been an amazing few months for me. finding a great nephew on the side of family i thought was lost. ‘n he’s right here & from what i see, a trully magnificent, wonderful human being. one i do & can relate to. wanted to tell you – at my job we have rolls of antique instruments behide glass cases along hallways. intend to take photos for you to see.
    just wanted to comment sure glad i found ya!!!!!!!!!!!!

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