rick still isn’t dead. the probability that he will be any time soon is going down, but you never know. it’s really sad that he’s such a feeble old man, if for no other reason than he’s actually two years younger than me…

we’re going to try again to record the panto, on wednesday. i’ll believe it when i see it happen. there have been many, many attempts to coerce a CD, or something like it, from this group of crazies, and none of them has succeeded so far.

i’m still waiting (after two weeks) for the artwork that the acord foundry people said that they were going to send me “in a couple of days”. they paid me to print business cards for them, but they still haven’t got around to sending me the artwork. i hope they’re not going to demand the finished cards any time soon… 😐 i should probably call them and find out what’s going on, but i’m pretty sure i know what the answer will be, which is that one or more people simply “hasn’t had the time” to go through the hard photographs (they don’t have any digitised photos at all) and snail-mail them to me… 😐

i should really find out whether or not there’s a smoke shop on the same calibre as the pike place pipe palace, only in tacoma.