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hi. i’m still here.

moisture festival ended (for me) two weekends ago, and it ended for everyone last weekend. i spent a week recovering, then…

moe’s mom came for a “visit”. she’s currently asleep on the recliner in the living room. moe is at work, and won’t be home until late this evening. i had some things to do earlier today, but… 😐

she wants to visit the buddhist temple down the street. ordinarily i would be all for her visiting non-christian spiritual temples, but i don’t want my first time visiting the buddhist temple to be simultaneous with hers… if for no other reason than i don’t want to be the target of her stupid ignorant questions for which i don’t have a ready answer… honestly, i would be a lot more comfortable taking her to the hindu temple down the street, but she didn’t ask for that…

it’s possible that i’m going to have to break in a new counsellor. the old one (8 years now) is going to a system where he can only accept medicaid, and i’ve only got medicare… it’s possible that i can get supplememtal medicaid for my “mental health issues”, but i don’t have the first clue what to do to find out (moe suggested internet 😐 ) and there’s a limited amount of time before a decision has to be made one way or the other.

i got two incense orders, yesterday, from repeat customers who i haven’t heard from for a long time, and who i have been agarbathiwala to for an even longer time. one said that we were “the bestest pen-pals a decade ago”, and the other one has been a part of my search for aparajita for at least 8 years.