okay, this is the announcement of upcoming performances at the fremont solstice parade (saturday) and the fremont street fair (sunday) of the fremont philharmonic (saturday) and the fremont players’ rendition of Jack and The Beanstalk (sunday). i’ve been working my tail off, what with cirque rehearsals (performances in august that includes the phil and the BBWP), players’ rehearsals and performances, phil rehearsals, performances and a recording, BBWP rehearsals, and a job. what was i thinking?

2 thoughts on “beh”

  1. BUSY!!!!!!!!! !!

    but not as busy as last year, despite my injury. and not only that, i *added* a recording session saturday night that i didn’t know about until *after* saturday’s performance was done, that went until 1:00 in the morning, and i still made it without any problems.

    the audience liked it, too… although i think they would have liked it more if there had been more shade, but unfortunately we didn’t have any control over that.

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