i have a new car… well, i have a recycled car, which is the only thing that makes me feel even remotely good about the whole thing. we’re desperate enough for oil that we’ll listen to the lies bush spews, and go to war for a commodity that will run out whether we go to war or not, and here i’m getting a car… who put that thought into my head? the car i’d been driving for 5 years, a mazda 626, died last year when i was in the hospital. monique figured (rightly) that i woulnd’t be needing it for a while, so she loaned it to mal, and the first day that he actually *had* to use it was the day it died. one of the things i did to prove to them that i was ready to leave the hospital (a process that took about a month, and required me to have, among other things, a neuropsychological examination to determine how “brain damaged” i was) was to accompany moe and mal to the towing yard where it had been impounded, and “drive” it home (which means i rode along in the car, never got out, and moe and mal did all the driving). the new car is grey, which i plan on modifying by writing sanskrit verses on it, in white (i figure one shot should do perfectly well), with about 6 inch letters. at this point it’s just beyond the fantasy stage, but probably won’t get any farther than that at least until i get the new license plates for it, which, God willing, will say GANESHA, and probably won’t even get to the “figuring out what sanskrit verses to use” stage until *at least* september, which will be after the cirque performances are through.

i’m going to the oregon country fair in two weeks, where i hope to see jill for the first time since high school. it should be interesting, if nothing else. mike and linda are going to be there also, but i’m not sure if they’re aware of the fact that i’m going to be there, and i think i like it that way. mike and linda are sort-of relatives of monique – mike is monique’s mom’s housemate’s brother, but monique’s mom and ann, her housemate, have lived together for long enough that i wonder whether it’s more than just friendship in spite of (or because of?) the fact that they’re both so straight outwardly, combined with the fact that monique’s mom has been sexually mutilated, in a medical sense, and has a rather low opinion of men in general. mike and linda are old-timers at OCF, and they were sort of snooty when i mentioned that we might be coming, and that we’d never been before. on the other hand, i know rev. chumleigh from high school, although he probably doesn’t realize it, so we’re probably more “even” than they’re snooty-ness lets on.

the cirque de flambé is in full rehearsal mode: our next production is going to be called Uh Oh – Playing with Fire: A Parody (in honor of the fact that we finally got the name trademarked, which means that it’s going to be harder than ever for the cirque du soleil to sue us), the big bois with poise (an act for the cirque de flambé) is in full rehearsal mode, we’ve got a weekend’s worth of performances at OCF and rehearsals for the next show (another “british panto” called Babes in The Wood, which is a cross between Robin Hood and Hansel & Gretel), the fremont philharmonic is so far into the recording schedule that fred (hawkinson, not mclain) is practically impossible to get along with – although once the recording is finished, i’m sure he’ll revert back to his normal, easy-going self – plus we’re in the fremont players’ and the cirque de flambé rehearsals as well… i’m working tentatively full time, so it’s a good thing that i got a car, but i’m spending around 10 hours at home, and for 8 of ’em, i’m asleep! in fact, i’ve got a rehearsal i need to get to now, so that’s all.

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  1. i got a book in sanskrit called “mantrapushpam” which contains a whole bunch of mantras; slokas from rkveda and suchlike. the first part of the book is a section called “shaantimantraah” which has a couple that i like well enough that i set them to music:

    aum saha naa vavatu saha nau bhunaktu sahaviiryam karavaavahai
    tejas svinaa vadhii tamastu maa vidvishaavahai
    aum shaantih shaantih shaantih


    aum poornamadah poornamidam poornaatpoornamudachyate
    poornasya poornamaadaaya poornamevaa vashishyate
    aum shaantih shaantih shaantih

    i’m leaning towards using them on the car, but i think i want more than that as well. unfortunately, i left most of my understanding of what they mean on the wrong side of my brain injury (i used to have a much more clear understanding of what they mean than i do now), so i can’t tell you what they mean apart from the fact that they were meaningful enough to me that i set them to music.

  2. I LOVE that you’re thinking of putting sanskrit verses on the car. 😀
    Good luck with your performances.

  3. i assume (not knowing that much about cars, myself) that when you say it drinks a lotta juice, you mean that it’s gas mileage isn’t what it could be. i tend to agree: while it’s got a tank that i can fill for less than $20, i only get about 250 miles per tank.

    the people in your town who would take you to court for wearing a button are precisely the people who need to be shaken up the most… which is why i wear the swastika in spite of the controversy.

    but you already knew that… 8)

  4. ah, thats nice. the only problems that subaru has is that the engine (horizomally opposed boxer, H4) drinks a lotta juice. otherwise, its a nice smooth ride, even at that year, and the superior power of the subaru symmeterical all-wheel drive system.

    i dont raise my hands against anyone, i keep everything to verbal arguments. but i live in a town filled with rich jewish people who eat others lives by suing them. it’s a matter of time before one of them has me in court. but like you said, its my constitutiopnal right to wear that button as long as i’m not doing any physical harm.

    with the swatstika, i know its history, so i never find it offensive if anyone wears it. but just to repeat myself, i live in a jew town, and most of them are ignorant and brainwashed.

    i’ll be getting myself a walkman maybe tonight or tomorrow, i will need one for the trip, and my old one does not feel like working, but i will certainly post an opinion about the CD before i leave.

    lol, well, i was most definitely confused about the card, and i still am. but i did find it entertaining, along with the rest of the material. and yes, i will submit myself to the church of tina chopp, which is quite possibly the most interesting religon i have made myself a part of since fredism:

  5. a 1998 subaru legacy wagon, just right for me and monique and a pile of musical instruments, fire toys, kites and camping gear… but not enough room for the animals, which is why i’ll probably be using the suv when we go camping, but i’ll probably be driving my car to go to ocf.

    with the button, it’s just a matter of time before the pigs are called – they’ve been called on me at least twice that i know about, fortunately most pigs realise that, as long as i’m not hurting anybody, i can wear whatever buttons i want and have left me alone. just remember, you have a constitutional right to wear that button, as long as you keep your hands to yourself. once you touch another person, they can accuse you of assault, and nothing in the world is going to protect you after that. if they hit you, it’s a different story, but you’ve got to hold the moral high ground, otherwise you’re just another terrorist, only you’ve dropped your disguise.

    i’ve stepped it up a notch. i’m now wearing a swastika on my jacket. nobody’s commented yet, except for one of my band-mates, who said that it was the “ballsiest” button he’s seen me wear. i can hardly wait to see the controversy.

    you must get your cd player fixed immediately! either that or go out and buy a new one, you capitalist! you must listen to St. Fred, and you must rave about it to all of your friends, so that i can sell a billion copies of the cd and retire from the software testing industry where they tell me that they’re not going to fix the bugs they paid me to find. hurry! i’m desperate!

    the card is what mail art is all about. if you don’t get it, then i may just as well have send the button and nothing else… sigh… you can’t teach the young anything any more… 8/

  6. what car did you get? i love cars :p

    anyways. i got your package. i wore the pin, and it started an argument at the line in taco bell. it was great. no pigs were called, fortunately. i havent listened to the CD yet, cuz the only working one i have is in my car, and my changer is jammed, but i will get around to it. and the rest of the stuff was pretty entertaining.

    the card is what confused me though. i dunno if you put it in there accidentally or if you put it in there so i could know your real name. but anyways, thanks for the stuff, i’ll be sure to send you something when i come back from my trip at the end of july.


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