fremont philharmonic and cirque de flambe performances…

announcing the Fremont Philharmonic performance at the Wallingford Wurst Festival, saturday, 25th september, at noon, and the Cirque de Flambe performance at the Tacoma Museum of Art and the Tacoma Glass Museum (which are, apparently, fairly close to one another), sunday, 26th september, between 5:00 and 9:00 pm. be there or be trapezoidal.

2 thoughts on “fremont philharmonic and cirque de flambe performances…”

  1. the wurst festival is tomorrow, and we play at noon, but it goes on all day. it’s at st. benedict’s church, 48th and wallingford. you’re not invited to the thing at the art museum, and we wouldn’t be either if we weren’t performing there.

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