late night cabaret, too

also announcing the fremont philharmonic performing at the Late Night Cabaret, friday, 1st october, at 10:00 pm down on airport way just north of boeing field… i think the address is 2110 airport way, but i’m not sure.

this is the continuation of performances that took a break in june. now they’re back again, and if they’re going to be anything like what they were like in june, they should be loads of morbid, grisly fun with a side of pie and shack jack frost to boot. don’t miss it!

3 thoughts on “late night cabaret, too”

  1. correction: 2110 airport way south…

    i’m not sure it makes a difference (i don’t think airport way actually intersects the 2100 block in the central district) but that’s what they told me, so i made the correction anyway.

  2. the time it starts is at 10:00 pm. the time it’s over is when it gets done. in the past it has been as early as 12:00 am, and as late as 3:00 am. the address is, in fact, 2110 airport way.

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