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  1. it erupted (if my brain injury doesn’t get in the way) in 1983 or 1984 or something like that. the summer i went to omaha. we stopped in eastern washington and got a couple of huge grocery sacks full of ash to give to a person who blew glass in omaha, but by the time we got there, they had their own ashfall.

    the indian legend around here is that tahoma, which is now called mount rainier, and mount saint helens (whose native name i don’t remember) were quarelling lovers who got turned into mountains by somebody or another, but even after they were turned into mountains, they continued to quarrel, throwing rocks at each other… one of the rocks they threw allegedly stopped up the end of what is now crescent lake, which is quite a ways away from either mountain.

  2. No way! Really? I lived in Washington from mid-1979 – mid-1980 when I was 9 and 10 years old. (I lived in Auburn.) I seem to recall it had just erupted within a couple of weeks or months of my arrival, there was black ash all over and people were explaining to me that it had come from Mt. St. Helen(s?).

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