this is why i’m depressed: i plan for months, pretty much ever since i get out of the hospital… i send out notifications a month in advance and a week in advance, i say that it’s going to happen rain or shine, and still i was the only person at the vegetable sacrifice! and then i got back in time to be invited to go and see team america with moe and scott and nancy, and while it had some extremely funny parts, it also had a vomit scene that puts the one in the meaning of life to shame (in spite of the fact that the vomit was coming out of a puppet), and overall, it wasn’t funny enough to offset the fact that i put a lot of energy into something that totally bombed… and then moe left to go do treatments at the clinic and then she’s going out for sushi with a woman that she’s trading dog lessons for sushi with, so i’m alone and depressed.

i don’t say this often, but fuck!

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  1. damn it! That sucks so much! When I originally saw that post a month ago or whenever, I thought ‘how cool is that?’. Like, why isn’t that happening where I live? I so totally would have come if I was anywhere near that event. And if I wasn’t visiting my nephew today.

    Oh well. So you’re the one super cool person in your area. That’s not too bad a consolation, eh?

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