Thung or Feeblens V is another piece i’ve worked on recently. it’s another random, "hands off" piece that could be longer, but isn’t because of size limitations. my impression is that it’s not very accessible either, but i never know how other people will take it…

5 thoughts on “prz”

  1. Very cool. I like that one a lot too. Those wet sort of noises in there keep making me want to paint.

  2. that’s a good question… what i do is to determine which random samples are loaded into the graintable synthesizers, and what is done to those samples once they’re loaded, and i determine how many of the control voltage generators there are in the loop (there’s actually 10 of them per graintable sound-source), and where the control voltage outputs that control the graintable synthesizers’ gate, filter frequency and resonance, sample movement, start point and so forth should be located on that loop. i also determine how long the finished piece should be.

    so basically i control everything except the actual sounds, pitches, and placement of the individual sounds. simple, huh? 😉

  3. actually, i have no control over the sounds. they are made with two graintable synthesizers loaded with random samples and controlled by a loop of 20 random control voltage generators: the piece is about as random as they come, within the limits that i have given it, so the fact that it sounds random is more or less expected…

  4. I know next to nothing about music so… Your peice is good for background noise but doesn’t have enough *umph* to it to make it a forground peice. Also, some of the sounds are kind of random and don’t seem to jibe with the rest of the song. Like I said, I know nothing about music, and for all I know you were trying to achieve those effects, but I figure you would probably want to get as much feedback as you could.

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