i bought a colour printer yesterday. nothing fancy, just a deskjet 3845, but it’s pretty much exactly what i needed for making colour buttons, and it does an awesome job. unlike “jobs” i’ve had in the past, where one printer is replaced by another one, i’ve actually got both printers on the network at this point… which is to say, mac os 9 sees one printer, mac os 10 sees two printers, linux sees two printers but can only print to one of them (the local one, i don’t know why), and windoesn’t sees… do you have to guess?

that’s right, windoesn’t see any printers at all… ✻✼✽✾✿ windoesn’t anyway.

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One thought on “120”

  1. i like how no one sues medical firms and researchers for copyright infringement. if i were to name something after anything that’s already been copyrighted or trademarked, i would have the feds halfway up my ass by the time i can say “portugal”.

    i’ve been having problems networking printers also. now i just upload my files to gmail and print in school, no hassle, and best of, its free.

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