i’m still half asleep from yester two-days-ago performance (that ended yesterday), and i was hoping for a couple of days off, but apparently one of the zebra kings has requested a rehearsal for the burlesque nights today, so i’m going to haul my ass back to seattle for that. hopefully i will have caught up on sleep before wednesday, because it starts all over again (although my understanding is that the thursday and friday performances are only circus contraption shows, and won’t require us).

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  1. the colours are the easy part… i want all of ’em, but heading towards the red/blue/purple end of the rainbow… but of course, not neglecting the yellow/green end, just not as much. the pattern can be whatever you choose since i trust you, and i’m really not sure how to make patterns in tie dye anyway… 8)

  2. Ok, cool! I like that one too. Based on the cut, I’m going to get you an XL, because it just seems like that will be the most comfortable fit. Once I’ve got it, I’ll write/comment back to you about what colors/patterns you’d like for it. Then we’ll move on to discussing/finding your pants. (Yay, something to work on other than algebra…)

  3. the feather-weight shirt would be great – i wore a similar shirt with the buttons to one side at my wedding. either the maui or the isaac shirt would also do, but i’d really rather have long sleeves…

  4. http://www.dharmatrading.com/html/eng/213671-AA.shtml?lnav=clothing_men.html

    Would a short sleeved shirt be acceptable at all? This is the company I usually order all my white blanks from, and this is what I see when I look for long sleeve button shirts, just this. But also click the other three that are pictured, if you think you would be ok with a short sleeved one. And do you prefer cotton over rayon? Let me know if any of these styles works for you. If not, I can go look at local stores and see what they ‘ve got.

  5. hrm… i take a large or extra large shirt… the tag in my tuxedo shirt says large, and i believe the neck is 17½", pants would be good at 38-40 waist, and (i think) 39 leg, but i’m not 100% sure…

  6. Aaah, ok, yes, now I remember why I let myself forget about it, because you didn’t need it for a while. I can do this and have it to you by then, for sure. The first thing I’ll do is send you some pictures of shirt styles and you can choose one, and let me know your preferred size. The pants will take me a little longer, but that’s entirely doable by that date as well. Do you happen to have your shirt and pants sizes just floating around in your head at this moment?

  7. i had thought about it a couple of times, but figured you would get back to me when you had the information…

    i want a button-up shirt and (preferably bell-bottom) pants, in whatever cloth will hold the colours best (and still be able to go through the washing machine), and you were supposed to be getting back to me with prices… i need them no later than saturday, 1 july… but if not, i still want them but i won’t be taking them to OCF like i had hoped…

  8. Oh shit, I completely forgot until you just mentioned it, I am so sorry. This is why I am not a good businesswoman. =/ Now it is top priority! πŸ™‚ You want a button-up shirt and pants, right? I was supposed to be researching styles and getting back to you with prices? Is that where we’re at? Forgive me. Just remind me what stage we were at.

  9. you could always come to eugene for the oregon country fair… which reminds me, have you given any thought to that commission i offered you a few months ago?

  10. It would be cool if I lived anywhere near you and could ever see any of this stuff. Well, rest up, and have fun. πŸ™‚

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