blatantly stolen from , who isn’t even on my friends list…

20 years ago I…

  1. was 24 years old.
  2. was a soon-to-be ex-student of the Renton Vocational Technical Institute in their Musical Instrument Repair program
  3. thought i was going to graduate, move back to bellingham (which is where my girlfriend and our four-year-old son lived), get the ideal job as a musical instrument repair technician and live happily ever after

10 years ago I…

  1. was 34 years old
  2. was working as a technical support engineer for mac products at microsoft (so much for technical school training and the “ideal” job)
  3. was living in a tiny, 1-room apartment in the basement of a building in downtown seattle, and was in the middle of an intense legal battle over custody of my fourteen-year-old son.

5 years ago I…

  1. was 39 years old
  2. was working as a test lead at STLabs
  3. started Hybrid Elephant, the business that moe and i had been playing around with for 3 years or so.

3 years ago I…

  1. was 41 years old
  2. was working as a graphic artist at a minuteman press shop, from which i was fired for having a brain injury instead of showing up for work for two months
  3. was two months away from having a brain injury, but had no clue that it was going to happen

1 year ago I…

  1. was working as a graphic artist at a different minuteman press shop, very quickly getting fed up with the owner who is a mental midget… and this opinion is coming from a person who doesn’t have a complete brain!
  2. was living in a RV in juanita, because we still hadn’t figured out where we were going to move to after having to move out of our big house in renton because i was unable to find a steady job after my injury
  3. was getting really fed up with having to have a job in order to survive, and was actively looking for alternatives

So far this past year I…

  1. have decided that i don’t really need a traditional job
  2. put a shopping cart on the Hybrid Elephant web site
  3. discussed the details of a large grafitti art project with my 24-year-old son

Yesterday I…

  1. finished painting my car… i am now driving an art-car! 8)
  2. met with my press operator and discussed whether or not he could print a business card for my acupuncturist
  3. stayed up until 3:00 in the morning watching TV because i was so depressed

Today I…

  1. slept until noon
  2. got my replacement tent poles in the mail
  3. logged a bug with the LJ rich text editor, which i fully expect to be ignored

Tomorrow I will…

  1. attend my 2nd rehearsal of the Ballard Sedentary Sousa Band
  2. probably still be depressed… it’s getting really tiring
  3. do something else which i haven’t yet figured out, and probably won’t until just before i do it

In the next year I will…

  1. completely recover and develop new, unusual, super-powers because of the extra space i now have in my skull
  2. learn sanskrit
  3. permanently move to uranus


okay, i’m going to see if i can actually post pictures without having to delete everything and start over, like i had to yesterday… by the way, for anybody who cares, LJ has in mind converting to “rich text” editing by defalt, rather than the “plain text” editing that they currently have, and the rich text editor currently sucks big fat rancid donkey dicks. regardless of where you want to put <lj-cut> tags, it has the tendency to put them where it thinks they should go, which means around the text instead of around the pictures, regardless of how big they are, and the “edit source” button lets you edit the raw html, but when you click the “Okay” button on the source window, the “rich text” editor goes back to the same, incorrect html code that it had before, and there doesn’t appear to be any way to go back to plain text once you’ve chosen the rich text editor. it reminds me very much of the HTML editor i worked on at micro$lop a few years ago, which didn’t recognise HTML standards and had a number of bugs which it still has because micro$lop developers decided that, despite the fact that i logged several bugs against it, “nobody would notice”…

ganesha the car
ganesha the car
the bumper sticker on the right says “WARNING: This object does not exist!”
ganesha the car

now that’s the way HTML code should look, and it displays the way i want it to…