okay, i’m going to see if i can actually post pictures without having to delete everything and start over, like i had to yesterday… by the way, for anybody who cares, LJ has in mind converting to “rich text” editing by defalt, rather than the “plain text” editing that they currently have, and the rich text editor currently sucks big fat rancid donkey dicks. regardless of where you want to put <lj-cut> tags, it has the tendency to put them where it thinks they should go, which means around the text instead of around the pictures, regardless of how big they are, and the “edit source” button lets you edit the raw html, but when you click the “Okay” button on the source window, the “rich text” editor goes back to the same, incorrect html code that it had before, and there doesn’t appear to be any way to go back to plain text once you’ve chosen the rich text editor. it reminds me very much of the HTML editor i worked on at micro$lop a few years ago, which didn’t recognise HTML standards and had a number of bugs which it still has because micro$lop developers decided that, despite the fact that i logged several bugs against it, “nobody would notice”…

ganesha the car
ganesha the car
the bumper sticker on the right says “WARNING: This object does not exist!”
ganesha the car

now that’s the way HTML code should look, and it displays the way i want it to…

8 thoughts on “460”

  1. That sucks… But maybe at least one person will be intrigued enough by the juxtaposition of the ? and the swastika to try to find out more.

  2. unfortunately the people around here (south king county) are generally too ignorant to have any inkling of things outside of what they learned in public school – like sanskrit – if they went there… and despite (or, possibly, because of) the fact that there is a large mexican and asian immigrant population in this area, there is actually a growing white supremacist movement leaking over from eastern washington, and the counter-movement of people who see everything even remotly swastika-related as nazi-inspired regardless of what else is involved…

  3. Readability triumphs. Good karma for those who can read. Maybe even good karma for those who can’t, but who give their devotions to Ganesha when it is explained to them.

    Also, we did see the alternated swastika designs on the car – you might just want to have a page somewhere to explain to anyone who’s curious about what the car has on it.

  4. I didn’t notice the different directions at first; spiffy!
    Hopefully people will figure that a Nazi wouldn’t paint Sanskrit on their car. (Although with what I know about Nazi mysticism that’s not entirely an accurate assumption to make, but then Miguel Serrano and the lunatics from the Australian NSBM band Spear of Longinus (who released an album called The Yoga of National Socialism) aren’t driving art cars in Washington…)

  5. thanks… although i would have liked it if it could have been even more detailed. unfortunately it was either make it so that it could be read (by someone who knows sanskrit), or make it a lot more detailed, so i chose the former. 8)

  6. it’s actually more cool than that… if you notice, the swastikas go in different directions on either side of the car… 8)

    actually, i’m just waiting until my paint job gets keyed, or worse, by some intolerant fool who doesn’t know that the swastika has thousands of years of history as a sacred symbol prior to the nazis… i’ve even thought about printing something up and taping it to the inside of the window explaining it, to cut down on the possibility of that happening, but i’m not sure how much, if any good it would do.

  7. Excellent! And extra cool points for the swastika. One of these days I need to borrow my mom’s digital camera and take some pics of the floor of the Allentown post office for

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