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20 years ago I…

  1. was 24 years old.
  2. was a soon-to-be ex-student of the Renton Vocational Technical Institute in their Musical Instrument Repair program
  3. thought i was going to graduate, move back to bellingham (which is where my girlfriend and our four-year-old son lived), get the ideal job as a musical instrument repair technician and live happily ever after

10 years ago I…

  1. was 34 years old
  2. was working as a technical support engineer for mac products at microsoft (so much for technical school training and the “ideal” job)
  3. was living in a tiny, 1-room apartment in the basement of a building in downtown seattle, and was in the middle of an intense legal battle over custody of my fourteen-year-old son.

5 years ago I…

  1. was 39 years old
  2. was working as a test lead at STLabs
  3. started Hybrid Elephant, the business that moe and i had been playing around with for 3 years or so.

3 years ago I…

  1. was 41 years old
  2. was working as a graphic artist at a minuteman press shop, from which i was fired for having a brain injury instead of showing up for work for two months
  3. was two months away from having a brain injury, but had no clue that it was going to happen

1 year ago I…

  1. was working as a graphic artist at a different minuteman press shop, very quickly getting fed up with the owner who is a mental midget… and this opinion is coming from a person who doesn’t have a complete brain!
  2. was living in a RV in juanita, because we still hadn’t figured out where we were going to move to after having to move out of our big house in renton because i was unable to find a steady job after my injury
  3. was getting really fed up with having to have a job in order to survive, and was actively looking for alternatives

So far this past year I…

  1. have decided that i don’t really need a traditional job
  2. put a shopping cart on the Hybrid Elephant web site
  3. discussed the details of a large grafitti art project with my 24-year-old son

Yesterday I…

  1. finished painting my car… i am now driving an art-car! 8)
  2. met with my press operator and discussed whether or not he could print a business card for my acupuncturist
  3. stayed up until 3:00 in the morning watching TV because i was so depressed

Today I…

  1. slept until noon
  2. got my replacement tent poles in the mail
  3. logged a bug with the LJ rich text editor, which i fully expect to be ignored

Tomorrow I will…

  1. attend my 2nd rehearsal of the Ballard Sedentary Sousa Band
  2. probably still be depressed… it’s getting really tiring
  3. do something else which i haven’t yet figured out, and probably won’t until just before i do it

In the next year I will…

  1. completely recover and develop new, unusual, super-powers because of the extra space i now have in my skull
  2. learn sanskrit
  3. permanently move to uranus

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  1. OMG! I so need an “I am a Terrorist button”. My über-geeky civil war cap arrives tommorow, and that will go perfectly with it.

  2. also, OT, but your package is being mailed tomorrow… i included an “I Am A Terrorist!” button, a Drunk Puppet Night button and some other goodies… 8)

  3. you would be using the shopping cart in a different way than i am, and i’m not sure how to get the shopping cart that i use (provided by paypal) to work for you. you might try Joomla! but i don’t know that much about it apart from the fact that it appears to be a free, fully functional CMS that is used by various web sites that i frequent…

  4. The pom site. I tire of having to cut and paste customer info from e-mails. That’s 30 seconds I’ll never get back 😛

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