i took my keyboards over to ‘ house yesterday, and discovered how much i have missed being able to play my keyboards since we moved into this shoebox. i’m definitely going to spend a lot more time over there, especially since they also have a person who is a regular supplier of Holy Vegetable living in the basement… right next to the room that the keyboards are in, so it won’t even be a separate trip most of the time.

also i have to get my workshop set up. i got email yesterday from the National "Tobacco" Alliance who “are looking for new suppliers for churchwarden style tobacco pipes.” and also i got email from Pakataş Pipes who are looking for someone to sell their pipes…

Based on the lj interests lists of those who share my more unusual interests, the interests suggestion meme thinks I might be interested in
1. krishna score: 82
2. ayurveda score: 44
3. hare krishna score: 44
4. bhakti score: 43
5. krsna score: 42
6. iskcon score: 39
7. radharani score: 39
8. krishna consciousness score: 36
9. japa score: 35
10. a.c. bhaktivedanta swami prabhupada score: 34
11. bhajans score: 33
12. srila prabhupada score: 32
13. kirtan score: 31
14. om score: 30
15. prema score: 30
16. mantras score: 30
17. hermeticism score: 30
18. tulasi score: 29
19. hindu score: 28
20. durga score: 28

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it seems to think that i have no clue who the founder of the vaisnava cult in the united states is, because two of them actually are the founder of the vaisnava cult in the united states, five of them are directly related to the vaisnava cult, and ten of them are indirectly related to the vaisnava cult… for a total of 17 out of 20. if i didn’t know who that person was, i might be tempted to find out more about him, but since i already know who he is and what the cult he founded is all about, i think i’ll ignore them instead.

besides which, i already have 150 interests anyway, and can’t put up more without deleting some of the ones i have, and considering that i’m already listing interests in the bio section of my profile, i think i’ll pass for now.


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  1. I guess more people than me think that fucking is a slow business, at least according to that sign! 🙂

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