i have to say this:

on september 11, 2001, the united states was the victim of a crime. if we are to follow “the rules,” the victim of a crime cannot be involved in the investigation or prosecution of whoever committed that crime, apart from giving evidence. any other way of doing it makes the probability of the victim mentality creeping in and affecting the outcome very high, and, as we all know, justice is blind.

the united states has no right to declare war on, or to extract legal justice from afghanistan, iraq, iran, or any other place that may have been involved in the commission of the crime on september 11, 2001, regardless of what you might think. to do so would be just as much an act of terrorism as the crime itself.

i don’t know what the solution to the problem is, but the current situation is so far beyond fucked that i don’t even have an appropriate way to describe it.

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  1. Solider on – you’ve got allies to help you. Some of us will probably try it from different angles.

  2. regardless of how difficult it will be, it will be impossible to convince them at all until somebody tries… and, in my own feeble, brain-injured way, i’m trying.

    not getting much help, mind you, but i’m not letting that slow me down.

  3. Regardless of what you think, they know with certainty that God is On Their Side, and that they’re Right. It will be difficult to convince them otherwise.

  4. that’s what i’m trying to say… it’s stupid, destructive, uncivilised, and flat out wrong to think that way. it’s high time people, especially people who think that way, realised that.

  5. Becuase the people, it was thought, would be afraid. If the government wasn’t tough, they would be perceived as willing to allow another attack to happen. If they didn’t find an Other to let all the fear and rage and cowardice be channeled against, the people might have taken a look at their own government and found them lacking.

    The terrorists became something other than human beings once they became The Enemy. When they’re The Enemy, they’re nothing sort of demons and devils, not human, but sub-human, and to kill them is a mercy.

  6. why?

    why does the united states have to look tough?

    are the “terrorists” something other than human beings?

  7. The cowboy mentality wouldn’t stand for that, though. It had to have revenge, blood, and had to look like it was Doing Something, lest it be seen as weak. Nevermind the costs, we have to look tough.

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