i suppose it was too good to be true…

i went over to ‘ house today to play my keyboards. i had been there for about 2 hours when there was a commotion upstairs and one of his housemates came storming downstairs and started yelling at me because i have a swastika on my car. he said he “hates hatred” and “takes grave offense” at my swastika, despite the fact that he wouldn’t listen when i tried to explain it to him.

i hate hatred just as much as he does, if not more, but when hatred is directed at me, particularly when i don’t deserve it, then i just want to get out of there. i packed up my keyboards and left as quickly as possible. of course, i had the small car, so i couldn’t get both keyboards, but i’ll go back on sunday (i’m going to bellingham tomorrow to fix a saxophone for warren) with the big car to get it.

people shouldn’t be angry with the swastika because of the nazis, they should be angry at the nazis because of the swastika.

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  1. Really, the Nazis are a footnote in the history of the symbol. The recency of their existence and the desire to remember their mistakes, though, makes things fresher in people’s mind about their interpretation. All there really needs to be there next to it is putting it in proper persepective.

  2. the essenes used the star of david as well as the swastika, which was a represntaion of the wheel of life, and jesus was said to recieve mystical training from the essenes. swastikas have been passed down in rituals of the freemasons that have origins with solomon. the synagogues at tel hum (capernaum) and apamea have swastikas as part of it’s decoration. there are associations with the swastika in the qabala…

    every culture in history and every religion in the world has a historical precedent of using the swastika as a sign of auspiciousness, peace, love, and good luck. the only people for whom the swastika now has a negative connotation are ignorant people for whom nazis trump everything. my personal opinion is that the nazis mean so much nothing that i don’t bother even to interpret the symbols that they used in the way that they used them.

  3. The idea of some one ranting and raving, screaming and carrying on about “hating hate” seems almost like a Monty Python skit.

    When I saw the pics of your car I didn’t even notice the swastikas. I did think that the sanskrit would get you pulled over for “Driving while Odd” here in Oklahoma.

  4. Well, the symbol had to have meaning before the Nazi Party appropriated it. The problem is that there may be some interference from the symbol of the Star of David, as I don’t think there’s going to be a lot of reasons to forget the Shoah anytime soon. So those links get strengthened deliberately.

  5. that is what it stands for these days


    that’s only what IGNORANT people THINK it means, and they’re WRONG!!

    if that is indeed what you’re doing, which I think it is

    you’re right… and if people think i’m a nazi, then i am going to have to convince them otherwise, similar to what ManWoman and his friends have been doing for many years.

  6. When non-Nazis get furious at the merest sight of a swastika they’re playing into the hands of the Nazis, strengthening their hold on the symbol.

  7. Human beings are just animals cloaked in societal mores and greater intelligence. Sometimes things like this happen.

    One of the UK’s young royal family wore a butchered nazi uniform to a fancy dress party and got a slagging off in the press. He said sorry, he is now an army officer saying he will leave the army if they don’t let him go to Iraq with his lads. If he was evil then he wouldn’t be doing that.

    Also in the UK they might be able to change the education system about germany, to reflect the fact that they haven’t done anything bad for 60 years so we can’t keep tarring them with the nazi label.

  8. I CAN see your point – however, maybe your point is wasted on most of the folks – maybe they will only see the nazi symbol, and to be perfectly honest – that is what it stands for these days…so it is provocing in a not so good way I think.

    I don’t think you could get away with having it on your car in europe, without being questioned a lot – and also being punched a lot. Maybe there are better way of reclaiming symbols…? (if that is indeed what you’re doing, which I think it is)
    I would not do it like you do, because I don’t want anyone – ever – to think that I am a nazi, but that is basically what would happen – and is happening to you.

  9. I’m obviously with you on this one. It’s really ignorant to go off on someone without all the facts, and I’m sorry this happened to you…

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