those who frequent the LJ pic feed sites may have noticed pics from this site. it’s a rather amusing little site that takes you through a quick 25-question “IQ” test, and give you a quick thumbnail sketch of your “real” IQ.

unfortunately, there’s a catch. here’s what I see as my results on my home computer

but here’s what everyone else sees

apparently, the site uses some sort of script that shows your IP one graphic and shows everyone else another. a rather juvenile (but funny, in a really nasty way) trick that seems to have nailed hundreds (myself included).

by the way, the person who foisted this off on all of us (which is easily available to the general public by typing

whois iq-challenge.com

) is:

Kevin Kelm, otherwise known as
8240 Lighthouse Court

970- -0967

and the stooge he used as an artist is … wanna do nasty things to him? i sure do…