okay, i’ve been looking for a version of this meme that i can do with minimal effort, and i found one yesterday. i would have done it yesterday except for the fact that i was depressed and cleaned up the house instead of listening to music.

  1. Turn on your favorite media player and turn your shuffle feature on.
  2. Hit “play” and keep track of the next 10 songs that come up.
  3. Post your 10 shuffled songs, along with these instructions. You are not allowed to lie, omit tracks or otherwise try to make your musical taste seem hipper than it actually is.
  4. Tag five people on your friends list to do the same. horseshit. tag yourselves.
  1. Hollowmusic – St. Fred, Hollow Music — yeah, listening to music that you, yourself, created is a guaranteed way to move up on the “hip” list… 8/
  2. Fantastic Voyage – David Bowie, Lodger
  3. Bulky Rhythm – The Bobs, My I’m Large
  4. Under Wraps #1 – Jethro Tull, Under Wraps
  5. Kill Him! – The Residents, Wormwood
  6. Loss Of Innocence – The Residents, Commercial Album
  7. Francisco – Brian Eno, The Shutov Assembly
  8. Catholic Girls – Frank Zappa, You Can’t Do That On Stage Anymore vol. 6
  9. African Reggae – Nina Hagen, Nunsexmonkrock
  10. The Attack – Roger Wateres, When The Wind Blows