the second week of performances started last night. i tryed to play the solo tuba part for “Pyros On Parade” (otherwise known as the “siren song”) last night, but the first valve on my sousaphone was slow on the uptake, and so i succeeded in completely massacering it instead. i HAVE to get my workshop set up so that i can do things like hone the valves on my sousaphone and tuba, solder the braces on my sousaphone, and generally do all the other things that people who have a workshop would do.

the cirque de flambé is officially 9 years old, and i have been playing with them for 6 years. during that time, we have been banned from ballard, and various portions of the crew have been arrested at various times, for violating fire codes and suchlike. but sunday is going to be our last official performance in seattle, because seattle has raised the price of permits and insurance to preposterous levels (previously it has been $800 dollars for insurance for 3 weeks worth of shows, now it’s $800 dollars per show), and put so many restrictions on what we can and cannot perform (like the fire cyclone, pyrochaotica, etc.) and put restrictions on how we perform what we can perform (like the meteors, petard, comets, etc.) that it’s not worth the trouble any longer. macque (our head clown in charge of blowing things up) has decided that he’s going to be arrested sunday night, and he’s said that we’re going to do pyrochaotica pretty much regardless of what the fire marshall says, so tomorrow night should be the night to come see the show.

after that, we’re planning on moving to a place that wants us, like burien, or a place that doesn’t have any fire regulations, like algona. take that, seattle.