i got an order for more than $100 worth of incense and jewelry from a jewish doctor in charlotte, north carolina a couple of days ago. i haven’t sent it out yet, because i’m still waiting for part of the jewelry he ordered to be delivered, which should be tomorrow or the next day. it’s kind of bizarre, though, because the last time i ordered product from the rudraksha-ratna centre of india, it took three weeks for them to acknowledge my payment, and then it took another week for them to deliver to me, but this time, i made the payment a couple of days ago, and it went through yesterday, so either ganesha is looking out for my business and removed whatever obstacles were in the way last time, or i’m hallucinating… again…

i’ve recently located an incense supplier that has almost the same lines of incense that i get from sughanda prabhu, but they’re a lot more reliable than sughanda prabhu – meaning that when i call and/or email them, there’s somebody there and i can order right away, as compared to sugandha prabhu, who i email and there’s no response for a week, or i call and leave a message and don’t get any response. i’ve got a bunch of shroff and 8 boxes of ambica hare rama incense that i paid for over a month ago that still haven’t been delivered. don’t get me wrong, sughanda prabhu is a great person, who i have known for more than 20 years, and done business with for more than 10 years, but recently he’s gotten really flaky, and customers don’t understand flaky suppliers.

the new supplier, however, has almost all of the stock i get from sughanda prabhu, and all of the stock i currently get from om imports, and has a lower minimum order than om imports. they have aparajita and 999 lord krishna puja, which is carried by nobody else that i’m aware of, plus they also carry 999 lord krishna puja original lobhan sambrani and sandesh benzoin in the 20 stick tube, and they’ve said that they will inquire about things that they don’t have, like pradhan’s royal life. i’m hoping that The Remover of Obstacles has been active in this area of my business as well.

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