okay, this MADE MY DAY!

somebody has apparently been collecting my "modified" political signs, and re-posting them on what is presumably their own, private property! this sign and (i think) this sign now have a new home at military and s. 344th. i took two pictures, front and back, of each of them, here:

The Horned One! The Horned One! The Horned One! The Horned One!

on the other hand, there’s apparently someone named “priest” who is running for some poolitical offace or another, who must be really desperate to get people to vote for him. i have had a number of my “modified” signs removed and replaced with “priest” signs. despite their size, which is too big to put “The Horned One” on (i’m going to have to come up with a new stencil for larger signs), i collected 12 of them this evening, and that’s just on my “regular” 10-mile route around my neighbourhood.