a while ago, someone wrote to cirquechat asking for a person who lives in or near federal way to interview for the federal way mirror, and, as i live “in or near” federal way, i volunteered. they’re coming by today at 5:30. i’ve gone out and bought a quart of lighter fluid and a fire extinguisher, so that they can take pictures of me being a BBWP, i’ve gotten rid of the wasp nest that was in the rhododendron bush, and mowed the dandelions in the front yard, so that they have a place to take the pictures that won’t cause a riot when i light up. i don’t plan on inviting them into the house, and if they want to go somewhere, there’s a park up the street that we can go to, or there’s a coffee shop which is actually in federal way, which is not too far from here. they wanted a demonstration of my flaming tuba, but, unfortunately, the flaming tuba is still in the planning stages, and doesn’t actually exist in reality yet. they also wanted an invite to trolloween, and i didn’t give them one at first, but then i talked to macque and he said that it was okay if they come as long as they don’t actually publish the story until after trolloween is over, so i’ll probably be inviting them tonight, as long as they promise to stick to macque’s request.