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  1. Honestly, I didn’t compare version numbers (or remember that Adobe had bought out Macromedia). I just noticed that your stated premise (it doesn’t work on Linux) was provably false (I watched it on Kubuntu Edgy Eft w/ Automatix), and went from there.

    So I have no comment on the versioning, the ownership, or the general sneaky-bastardship of Flash. Except to say that real men program server-side, none of this embedded fat-client crap . . . 😉

  2. You speak lies, sir.

    No, I don’t.

    A little research would show you that the latest Linux version of the Flash player is 7,0,69,0, not 8.

    Google is your friend.

    I suppose I could run an M$ compatible browser under WINE and use Flash 8 but that’s pretty much not in my “switch to Linux” plan.

    Also, I have Automatix. It’s very nice but isn’t able to install a non-existant piece of software.

    Oh, and you don’t get Flash from Macromedia anymore, you get it from Adobe, who bought them out about the same time as the stable betas of 8 were rolling out. Apparently Adobe hasn’t got as much interest in Linux, though the version number has gone from 7,0,68,0, to 7,0,69,0, in just the last day or so, so there might be some hope yet.


  3. That’s it; you were commenting on the burning man. Gotcha.

    Sorry, it’s been a long week. And it’s only Tuesday . . .

  4. my impression from viewing your profile is that you are also a friend of , otherwise known as … i don’t know her, but i’m subscribed to her recently kittified picture journal… pleased to meet you.

  5. i figured it out as soon as i replied and it said that the comment had been unscreened as well. no worries… 8)

  6. To answer the other half of that question, I’m a friend of a friend (though at this point I’m not sure which) wandering the internet when he should be getting his shit organized.

  7. Magic.

    No, it’s your comment settings. They’re set to allow non-users to comment, but to screen the replies (until you reply, or unscreen them).

  8. hi…

    who are you? how were you able to post in my journal when you are not on my friends list?

    i’m not offended or anything, i’d just like to know…

  9. You speak lies, sir. Get Automatix: it lets you quickly install nice things like the latest Flash player from Macromedia, Adobe Acrobat, etc.

    HTH, HAND.

  10. good ol’ HST… you can always count on him to have something germane to say, even if it was 43 years ago…

  11. This kind of attitude isn’t exactly new…

    It is doubtful that the same man would drive golf balls off a rooftop apartment in the middle of London. But (it) is not really surprising to see it done in South America. There, where the distance between the rich and the poor is so very great, and where Anglo-Saxons are automatically among the elite, the concept of noblesse oblige is subject to odd interpretations.

    The attitude, however, does not go unnoticed; the natives consider it bad form indeed for a foreigner to stand on a rootop and drive golf balls into their midst. Perhaps they lack sporting blood, or maybe a sense of humor, but the fact is that they resent it, and it is easy to see why they might go to the polls at the next opportunity and vote for the man who promises to rid the nation of ‘arrogant gringo imperialists’.

    -Hunter S Thompson, The National Observer, August 1963

  12. no, i haven’t… and i’m not sure i want to.

    at home, they could be arrested and spend quite a bit of time in jail for that sort of thing… so why do they think it’s okay to do it when there in someone else’s country??

  13. If I didn’t know better, I would say people suck. Or maybe its just the brainwashed and their brainwashers who suck.

    “Dude, that was completely unnecessary
    -I agree with you….it was cool though”
    Oh My God!!

    Reminds me of the video of contractors in Iraq shooting at cars on the highway, apparently just for fun. Did you ever see that?

  14. it’s a video of the unwarranted destruction of a mosque in iraq by a bomb or missile or something like that, taken from the point of view of the ignorant, whooping, “bad ass” american grunt who pushed the button.

    Well, not so sorry I missed it then. But I tend to sympathize with the grunt and lay more of the blame on the inept leaders that put him there without a workable plan in place.

    Shock and awe my ass.


  15. yeah, i know… that’s why i still have a widoesn’t box for such things.

    and it’s not “way cool and all”, it’s disgusting and nauseating: it’s a video of the unwarranted destruction of a mosque in iraq by a bomb or missile or something like that, taken from the point of view of the ignorant, whooping, “bad ass” american grunt who pushed the button. 8(

  16. This is probably way cool and all but it’s another example of “ya gotta have the cutting edge”, that is to say, Flash 8, and this is no Flash 8 for Linux boxes.


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