5 thoughts on “744”

  1. i thought about hybrid elephant, but who would buy them? the only people who reliably know what they are are indians, or vaisnavas, and, for the most part, vaisnavas don’t buy things from hybrid elephant.

    and the other suggestion would be a lot more likely, but isn’t the fremont sunday market only in the summer time?

  2. they’re pins with the symbolic representation of jagannath, the lord of the world, in cloisonne and gold.

  3. OR….
    pin them all over a rasta hat and put a sign on the top that says pins: $7 or whatever the price is. Then wear the hat as you walk up and down the Fremont Sunday Market, with a Sousaphone (I always feel like this instrument needs to be capitalized because it countains a proper name) of course!

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