moe set up a bird feeder in our yard recently. i’ve been having to refill it every day, because it has been so busy. the little birds, sparrows, chickadees and so forth, are not even scared of me. the bigger birds wait until i’m in the house before they come up, but i get the impression that if i wear my cape, and sit in the same position every day at the same time, i’ll probably be able to get some decent shots of the different kinds of birds we have…

4 thoughts on “749”

  1. Aahhh… right. Digital.

    See, I’m still thinkin’ like a 20th century schizoid man, rather than a 21st century schizoid man.

    At any rate, it’s a great picture.

  2. film? what’s that?

    i took the picture with my HP photosmart camera, and tweaked the colour and the contrast, and cropped it using photoshop…

  3. That is a great picture! What kind of film are you using? I really love the “feel” of it.

  4. Cute.

    Yeah, we get a million sparrows, doves and grackels in our backyard everyday, cause my mom has about 6 different feeders. She even got one for the squirrels, who are more adorable than noisy (unlike the doves), so they wouldn’t keep eating all the seeds meant for the birds.


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