word now is that there is, indeed, going to be a drunk puppet night, and it will be held in the rebar, which is the place it was originally – which is to say that that’s where it has been since i have been involved with it, with the exception of last year, which is going on 4 years now. no word has been heard yet about when, although the phil has been invited to perform as well. i haven’t heard it from josh directly, but i have heard it from several trusted sources.

presumably somebody has communicated with seanjohn, because it is my recollection that the end of march is when he was hoping to resurrect the late night cabaret, and that is also the same time that the moisture festival will be happening. if not, we’re just opening ourselves up to a whole new level of confusion and frustration.

we’re trying to avoid the mass quantities of confusion and frustration with the moisture festival this year by making it more clear what we, as artists, expect from the shows, but judging by what i know of RB, particularly, i’m not holding out much hope that it’s going to be as "organised" as it was last year…