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  1. Here are two fancy photoshoot pictures of me. I don’t usually dress so fancy, but “normal” pictures of me always look kind of disturbing. I look better in photos when I’m playing photoshoot (playing photoshoot = dress up fancy and go to strange locations and take a bunch of photos). My sister took both of these when we were playing photoshoot together.

    The icon is also a picture of me, but one I made with my paintbrush.

    I was just thinking about this meme the other day and how much I like it when it goes around–I like getting a visual of the people who I haven’t met IRL πŸ™‚

  2. Of course you do! *snerk* It took me only an HOUR to figure out how to upload anything else into the same gallery, and only then did I find The Stash of fun pics (as opposed to nice-but-boring school pics).

    Check my scrapbook for the rest, if ya like. Hopefully they’re visible.

  3. you separate them by using the crop tool in photoshop, or the gimp, or something like that, and then saving it as a new document… but if you don’t know how to do it, then the likelyhood that you’ve actually got photoshop, or the gimp, or something like that is pretty remote. there are other ways to do it as well, but i don’t know what they are, because i’ve got photoshop and the gimp…

  4. Okay. I know these were taken in 2002, but I look almost exactly the same… just 5 years older lol. I was 18 in those pix, I’m almost 23 now.

    Sorry I couldn’t shrink it… I don’t know how. Also, I know there’s two pictures there. A friend scanned them together a long time ago and I never figured out how to separate them. Ah well!

  5. I like that picture. It describes you extraordinarily well without needing any sort of caption.

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