photos from the recent performance of Snow White And The Three Dorfs:


tentative word is that there will be more performances of snow white at the moisture festival this year, but nothing official yet.

4 thoughts on “775”

  1. yes, i would very much like to come along, unfortunately we are leaving for my in-laws in portland very soon, and won’t be back until monday or tuesday… 8/

    who is this satan clause anyway?

  2. I’ll be downtown tomorrow (today, the 23rd) to find something cool at the majick shop. Want to come along? Maybe we could also rehearse for a performance.

  3. it’s a life. it’s more fun when i am actually performing, or rehearsing for a performance. at the moment, i’ve got nothing actually scheduled until march… although there are a few things that aren’t scheduled yet that are before then…

    happy holidaze… 8)

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