one step closer to upgrading my linux distro, thanks in large part to who put up with my persistent questions in his journal. now i have installed the CD burning software that allowed me to make a backup of all my personal data, so now i can upgrade to whatever with impunity!

but at the same time, now that i can actually use my system for something other than a data repository and a communication device, i’m going to explore what it can do a little bit before arbitrarily dumping it for something “more modern”.

in other news, i am in portland tomorrow and saturday for drunk puppet night. it’s happening at 7:00 pm at Someday Lounge, 125 NW 5th Avenue, for those of you who might be interested.

3 thoughts on “821”

  1. Excellent – now you can start running some LiveCDs to see waht kind of distributions you’d like best.

    And hooray for drunk puppet nights! (Even though I’m halfway across the country from them, they always sound great.)

  2. hmmm… what is drunk puppet night? good question…

    drunk puppet night is sort of like sesame street for grownups… except this ain’t sesame street. the email i got announcing it a couple months ago said “we encourage shows to be sexy, scandalous, scatological, screwed-up and subversive.”

    i’m doing a piece called “THEY’RE MADE OUT OF MEAT” by Terry Bisson, which was such a popular part of last year’s seattle drunk puppet night that we included it for portland this year.

  3. It’s cool that you were able to find the info you needed.

    Things don’t always work in Linux from the get go. But as time has passed, Linux has become the hardware champion. It’ll pretty much run on anything….but not always “automatically”.

    The real key to all of it is that you have (if you want it) the source code. Many of the best Linux applications out there also make their source code available. That means that if anything is broken, anyone can fix it. (err…theoretically of course)

    MDK 9.2 was the last Mandrake I ran. I branched off at that point and played around with a whole bunch of Linux, BSD and *nix operating systems. Even Menuet: http://www.menuetos.net/ (mmmm….raw assembly code) But 9.2 was solid, and shiny. Now that it’s doing stuff for you, back up your stuff…then play. 🙂

    So….what is this drunk puppet thing?

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