tonight is the opening performance of The Moisture Festival, which will very likely mean that i won’t be posting with the regularity that i usually do until it’s over in three weeks.

for those of you in the seattle area, i encourage you to come see us in action. in spite of all the turmoil and tension surrounding the program, the schedule, etc., etc., (etc., etc… 8/ ), it comes with a guarantee that it is the best show west of the mississippi, as well as being the longest running comedie/varieté showcase IN THE WORLD!

and if you write to me – przxqgl at livejournal dot com – there is a possibility that i can comp you, so don’t let lack of money keep you from a rollicking good time. 8)


the process of moving my server is complete, and other technical issues with my personal account(s) have been taken care off, so that now i will probably receive a lot less spam than i did previously. i’ve been averaging around 100 spam messages a day for the past 3 months. yesterday i only received half of that, and today, so far, i have received no spam messages at all. if nothing else, i like that a lot…

although they’ve disabled telnet on their servers “for security reasons”, which means that i will not be able to symlink deep parts of my site to shallow URIs. i’m not totally sure i understand their “security reasons” (partially because they haven’t told me what they are), but as long as they’re willing to come up with another way to create symbolic links, i won’t complain too much.